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    Dual 110V Power Transformer

    Dual 110V Power Transformer
    For the international market request, these types of the Dibao Transformers are designed into dual primaries for 110V. No matter what about your local voltage is 110V or 220V, you should use them. Below are the methods for using:
    1.              If you are using 110VAC(such as Taiwan, US), Please parallel the two primaries 110V. Please pay attention to the terminals of 110V must be short circuit, and the terminals of 0V must be short circuit. See as the picture.

    If you are using 220VAC(such as Hongkong, China Mainland, Europe), Please series the two primaries. See as the next picture. Please pay attention to one terminals of 0V must be short circuit with another terminals of 110V.



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